Mother’s day- A reminder that you’re a kick-butt mama!

This afternoon, as I’m processing my day and thinking about bills and grocery shopping and cleaning the house, I look over to my son sleeping peacefully. With his Ellie soother cuddled up to his face, I am in awe of being a mother. My fears of making it through the week on what we have in the fridge and what’s next on my to-do list disappears.

I mean, come on! We are taking care of human beings that will be/are able to make decisions on who they want to marry someday; console a friend who’s downhearted; change atmospheres; be amazing at English and need tutoring in Math; become an astronaut….

Well, whatever our kids grow up to be or are… the fact still remains.

We are mothers and we are doing the best job we can.

And YOU should be proud. Be very, very proud. Because you, my fellow mama, have been given the opportunity to build a legacy. A legacy, through your kiddos, that could reach people far beyond those in their school, gym, or workplace. They are the next generation, and YOU are the cultivator of it.

What a mighty and humbling responsibility.

The other day, I was on a few sites looking up advice on what to feed my 4 month old now that he is starting to be interested in more than just breast milk. And all I can see are mothers tearing each other apart about what’s wrong and what’s right and WHO is doing it better.

It’s a real shame.

How amazing and how gracious is Our God that he created us so uniquely. And our children, for that matter. That not one woman was cloned and then placed into other women’s bodies. No! We are so so unique to one another. And how amazing is it that in our uniqueness is the grace to fail. That’s right you heard me! We have the grace to make mistakes in the art of mothering. We are not perfect mamas! We are not always going to get it “right”! But we get to pick ourselves back up and learn from our mistakes and become stronger and better parents for our kids!

 We should be banning together and lifting one another up and being content with the fact that we are being the Okay-est Mamas we can be. We need to give one another grace and compassion because we are all in this together. Your children and my children are different, your parenting style and my parenting style are different…And that is okay.

Actually, it’s not just okay, it’s beautiful.

Mamas, this Mother’s day, think about the journey you’ve taken transitioning into Motherhood. Be proud of yourself. Be thankful for the position you’re in. Life is not easy and I think parenting is probably one of the hardest, most frustrating and yet the most rewarding things we could possibly do.

…and you ARE doing it! (haha!)

Enjoy your uniqueness. Embrace God’s grace. And BUILD YOUR LEGACY.

A very very blessed and happy Mother’s day to you all!

xx Eden

** For those of you who don’t know my heart as well as some, please read this post with an open heart and with integrity. I know there could be a few mamas out there that might take this generalization far out and think i’m talking about the mothers that beat their kids or do anything that harms children on purpose– that’s not what I’m saying and you should know it. 

What Are You Afraid Of?


I am afraid of bees.


Those little creatures scare the living daylights out of me, even though they produce one of my favorite things to douse my morning toast in. The really only bad thing about them is their stingers, otherwise, they literally make the world go round. They are the world’s largest pollination resource and without them all our produce would not exist. 

So why fear something that is vital to our being?

Let’s try this one….


I am afraid of rejection.


In any form, really. Friendships, business, personal…etc. I think this is pretty common among most of us. It is a hard one to shake.

What are you afraid of?

Why are you afraid of it?

I ask this question because I think sometimes we don’t realize how much our fears are holding us back from reaching our greatest potential. I think (some of us, me for example) we’re okay with letting some of our fears rule us, because we know if we don’t challenge it… we won’t get hurt.

Cause that’s the biggest phobia of them all, isn’t it? Getting hurt.

I have tried to put myself in the line of fire when it comes to my fear of bees (and really any flying bug, let’s be honest). But I can’t seem to shake it. It is SO difficult. There are days I will walk out my door and BOOM a bee is right in front of me, I could: walk past it and pretend it’s not there, if I don’t bother it, it won’t bother me; or I can scream and lock myself in the house delaying my day, waiting for it to be gone.

Which would you choose?

I choose the latter…. every…single…time

So how do we get over these fears that we just can’t seem to shake? I asked myself this question the other day as I sat on my couch waiting for the bee to go his way.

We simply have to face it. Over and over again until we’re not afraid anymore. Believe me, I’m thinking the same thing, “easier said than done“. This probably seems anti-clamatic. But honestly, there is no other choice. I very well might get stung trying to get over this fear. And I may very well have people not interested in doing business with me or think I’m too desperate for friendship or just not someone’s cup of tea. I’m going to make it out stronger in the end, I will use my fear to my advantage and conquer it!

Because at the end of the day, our phobias will continue to dictate our lives if we don’t do something about it.

I guess it’s time to go get stung.

“Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.”- W. Clement Stone

-Eden xx

Reminiscing// Crystal Cove

I love photography.

Sometimes your goals in life change depending on new things that pop up and new twists and turns your path takes you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean those new goals are bad…they’re just different. I had (and still have) a huge passion for fashion photography. Maybe one day, when my baby is older and I have more free time on my hands, I will pursue it again as a true career path. But to be honest, I am loving just being free to create on my own time and on my own schedule and with my own vision.

I want to share with you a stylized shoot I did a few years back. I got my models from and interviewed them at a local Starbucks before beginning. I loved getting to know each one of them. One is pursuing her dreams as a kick-butt broadway actress/singer. One is pursuing his dreams and gaining major headway into the modeling industry. When I met them they were only at the start of their career paths, and now to see them grow in such awesome ways makes me feel so blessed to have captured them at the start of their journeys.

This was a really fun shoot. We were on Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach, CA. Technically, you’re not allowed to take commercial photos here. But that didn’t stop us from having some fun and getting some great photos. All the clothes are either from the models themselves or that I purchased from a second hand clothing store (the girls’ clothes were bought). It was all out of pocket expense and they weren’t paid. I didn’t even pay my makeup artist! It was just for the pure joy of shooting and exposure.


Eden xx

(p.s.-you’ll see my maiden name. This is when my husband and I were dating. He was there that day too, he would talk to the models when they were waiting. We made a great team….and still do!)

148(credits) 193(credits) 198(credits) 214 260 039(credits) 273 288 051(credits) 077 092 110 139

Selfie Nation– #selfietaking101

So, this is an interesting topic.

The “SELFIE” topic.

 What is it?

  1. a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.
     “occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary”

Personally, I love them.

I can see how some people might view the “selfie” as conceited or selfish or maybe just kind of ridiculous. Well, the fact of the matter is that it’s a movement swooping in and taking over social media, and has been for a while now (pretty much since the start of Facebook, but exploded when IG was born). I like to view the act of taking a selfie as “confidence” and “self-loving”. Yes, I do agree, there are some people that just need to stop and look away from the mirror and see a world beyond themselves, but I don’t believe that’s everyone. So, why not jump on the bandwagon and have fun with it? Put on a cute outfit, make your best duck face, and post about the greatest part of your day!

Let’s go over a few things that will get you that awesome selfie.

Getting ready to worship on stage. But first, lemme take a selfie. #thisiswhatwedo #timetoworship #godlovesselfies #duckface

Rule #1: Angle from above

Most important thing, even if you’re paper thin skinny, if you look down with your chin you will have a double chin, or in my case, the CHINS! So many people are taking pictures of themselves with smartphone/camera at torso level that, in the end, they’re looking down into the camera and there are your friendly neighborhood chins! I implore you to do the exact opposite! Put that camera/smartphone up high and point that camera down. Now, you may rest your chin or lift it up. With an angle from above you may get some of your body in it, but with your camera up high and pointed down you will look thinner in the face and your eyes will be brighter and the main focus. #nochins #lookinggood #itsallabouttheangle

Camera is pointed up and my husband, Sam, is looking down...and viola...the chins.
See what I mean? Not the best photo ever, but I still think you’re hot, honey!
Winner, Winner! You focus more on his eyes and his jaw line. What a stud!



 You’re about to post a picture of yourself having the time of your life grocery shopping or you’re simply wearing the cutest outfit in your closet and you MUST share it with the world!

We all have our reasons, but what I’m telling you is you must be confident in your reason. Even if your reason is just because you feel like it! OWN IT! #sorrynotsorry #becauseIcan #feelingpretty

No makeup, in labor with my son, in a gross hospital gown, and feeling huge. But, all in all, I’m feeling good and excited to meet my son! #laborselfie
First time to Disneyland after having our little boy. We're feeling good and looking cute! #disneyland #withmyman
First time to Disneyland after having our little boy. We’re feeling good and looking cute! #disneyland #withmyman
Baby and I at our friendly neighborhood Walmart, they have some of the nicest employees. #nodenying #weallhaveshoppedthere #yupimonabudget
Baby and I at our friendly neighborhood Walmart, they have some of the nicest employees. #nodenying #weallhaveshoppedthere #yupimonabudget

It’s about time we embrace the selfie, for reals.

If you’re up for it, I wanna see you rock that selfie!

Post your photo with this hashtag: #imconfidentinmyselfie and write something about yourself that you love. I’ll post a photo too, even if no one does it!

You can follow me on IG @edenschweyer

Hope to see your awesome photo!

Always, Eden xx

Lost in the Adventure

On our way to a good-bye party for a dear cousin of Sam and I’s, who is going off to the Army, we decided to take an impromptu stop. We got little lost while looking at the farm homes and lots of land filled with trees and ponies and sheep passing us by. I love where we live. I’m constantly in awe of Northern California, the mix and hub of Sacramento City life and the out skirt cities that are charming and oh so green. I miss Southern California beaches and city life, but I definitely love visiting and treating it like a vacation much more than living there.

JonMark was fast asleep in his car seat and I looked over to Sam and said, “We should stop somewhere and take some photos… We’re early anyways!” And as we proceeded down the windy two lane road–“let’s stop here!” “no, honey, that’s someone’s house.” “how bout here?!” “sorry, we already passed it.” “I LOVE this scenery how about—-or not.” THEN we got lost. We parked or little KIA Soul on the massive driveway of a beautiful, lush field of a front yard. The owner’s gardener was a few yards away, but we didn’t care, in fact, it made it all the more exciting! “GO GO GO, just shoot!”

I love impromptu stops. Sometimes you just have to do it. Sometimes you just have to say “yes” to out of the norm and out of the schedule. It’s good for the soul to get in the car a little earlier than usual and just GET LOST!

Here’s some pictures we got that day ❤

Eden xx









We are so proud of you and the decision you’ve made to serve your country. It is a heavy decision to make and we are so honored to call you our cousin! We love you and know you will succeed greatly! Be safe and travel well! We will be praying for you constantly!

Love, Eden, Sam & JM

Deep Breath!

I’ve been really thinking about my husband today. Not that I don’t always think of him, but everyday I’m trying to make it point to focus on all the things that I truly appreciate about my main man. The one thing that I am so constantly blown away by is his ability to  take RISK! It’s a bittersweet relationship I have with his risk-taking because it goes against every fiber of my being. It really does go against the way I live life. And…I guess, that’s why I appreciate it.

He is the Yang to my Yin…. or the Yin to my Yang? He is a man that knows how to trust deeply. So deeply that it comes to him as easily as breathing.

Sam is by no means unwise or impulsive when it comes to major life decisions, but when he knows what he wants he will do what it takes to get it! You go dude! But seriously, every time Sam talks to me about something he wants to pursue that might not really make sense in our circumstances, the next thing I know, BOOM! He’s at it, running with it. And I’m over like, what just happened?!

It’s like God loves that Sam takes risk when it comes to his heart’s desires. I really think He does!

And so…this is what I have come to known: God honors risk.



He delights in the things you desire because He put them there! But not all the time are those desires in desirable circumstances…. it might even take jumping through a hoop of fire to get to it (hopefully that really doesn’t happen). So what do you do when that happens–Stand in awe of the flames or jump through knowing you might get a little burnt in the process? Taking risk is far from easy. But the reward is mighty.

With every single thing God asks us to just trust and run for, it is constantly adding and propelling our faith. The bigger the faith, the bigger and deeper we go into The Father. Letting go of all knowing and trusting in the things unseen is how we were meant to live… walk by faith and not by sight.

From a realist writing to you, I honestly feel this is something I’m also writing for myself. I really want everything figured out. I really want to be able to know what will happen if I decided to go through certain doors and take certain risks. But where’s the faith in that? I become my own god then. That’s not me. I want to go deeper into the heart of The One True God. I want him to know that I trust Him with all my heart and will go where he goes and says what he says. And know that in return for trusting Him so deeply, He can trust me with the desires He’s put inside of me.

If you’re in a place where you’re staring at that “fiery hoop” in your life… take a deep breath… and jump.

Eden xx

The Pilot Light

Morning friends!

I woke up this morning determined to write a post. I’ll be honest though, it was a fight.

I am trying my best to push through using cleaning the house and baby excuses that stop me from writing. (baby is asleep and the house is clean, by the way!) I am an easily distracted person when it comes to pursuing things that have been on my heart. Strange, right? I’m not sure what causes this… form of anxiety… if you will. Am I worried that what I’m reaching for is not reachable? Am I worried that I’ll make no difference if I pursue it? Am I worried about failing? Probably yes to all of these, though I’d like to think I would say no.

Do you ever feel this way?

I watch the world around me with all its bright and emerging entrepreneurs, CEO’s, DIY geniuses, Blog Spot Mama’s, Group leaders..etc. and I’m wondering why it looks so easy for them, when the battle of even getting up in the morning is just so hard for me! Hear me out, I’m not trying to throw myself a pity party over here, It’s just a simple questioning of the heart—– Is what I’m pursuing not a right fit for me? Is that why I just don’t seem to be clicking with this dream I have?

When I question, by the grace of God, I always manage to get some answers…. Or some revelations, if you will. Over the past few days, as I’ve been wrestling over what to write for this post, I really felt the Lord put on my heart the topic of inspiration and dreams.

Dreams are hard. Yes, you heard me. Dreams are hard! They are work. They are time. They need attention. They direct almost all life decisions. But, they are the most rewarding things to achieve. God is so gracious that he gave us the ability to dream, to be passionate–to reach. This is how things get done on the Earth! God deposits those very dreams inside of us to fulfill a greater purpose and a greater good for the Earth we live in. And these dreams all start…. with inspiration. The little pilot light that turns into a roaring flame.

Here’s what I’ve noticed with friends, family, and strangers alike—- we all have this amazing idea. We share it, we say we’re going to do it, we say we’re passionate about this DREAM… and just like that, we never mention it again. It happens with me all too often. I always wondered why. And I realized, it’s not because I dreamed TOO big, it was because I only dreamed of the finish. I never even began to think of what it would take to get there, so this BIG idea seemed so so far away. I forgot that it’s the little steps that make it come to life. But, in this day and age, we are so used to everything just happening and coming to fruition right NOW. We’ve all gotten a little spoiled!  There’s key importance in starting out small and achieving the big finish, in due time. And right now, we need to remember to enjoy the journey. To EMBRACE the journey. If there is a dream God has put on your heart, you can be sure and TRUST that it will come to pass in HIS time. Be obedient in the little starts of your path, be confident that you will succeed and I can guarantee that you will find more satisfaction when you reach that wonderful, big, amazing dream.

This is something I am still walking through as we speak. This blog being the start of my dream of one day writing a full book, hosting my very own stylized photo shoot and entering it into a magazine spread, becoming a voice in the community I live in. The dream list continues…. I am enjoying the journey and I am trusting the Lord in the journey.

Don’t let the little pilot flame die out, because as soon as it catches fire, there’s NOTHING that can stand in its way!

Ecclesiastes 3:

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.

What do workers gain from their toil? 10 I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race. 11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. 12 I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. 13 That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God. 14 I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that people will fear him.

Please email me if you need prayer in the journey! I would love to stand with you and pray into your dream! You can reach out to me at Also, confide in a good friend, relative, spouse, or mentor about your aspirations, let them help you stay accountable and talk to them if you’ve hit a wall or need encouragement. Because your dream is important, even if there are thousands of people with the SAME dream. There’s a reason you are where you are and what you are passionate about. 

All the Blessings!

Eden xx